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Sommerset: Infused Tart Citrus, Sea Salt & Agave

Sommerset: Infused Tart Citrus, Sea Salt & Agave


Sommerset: Infused Tart Citrus, Sea Salt & Agave


Sommerset suffered from horrific abuse after someone threw bleach powder in his eyes and burned both of them causing him to become completely blind. It also caused burns on his shoulders which took a very long time to heal. Many months ago we moved Sommerset to a board and train program in Delhi because he was very dog aggressive and had no idea how to live as a blind dog. 

As you can imagine he was emotionally and physically scarred and we knew that he was just so terrified and trying hard to adapt to his new situation. He really wants to be a good boy and just needs a chance.

Sommerset is doing really well and has learned so much. He has mastered basic commands and knows how to walk well on a leash. It’s amazing how the trainers have taught him using sounds, smell and touch. They have even introduced him to other dogs and we believe that with the right family understanding his needs he would be okay with another dog in the home. 

We never give up on our dogs and we will do everything we can for them no matter the effort or cost. We love you Sommerset! 

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