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GiGi: Tiramisu

GiGi: Tiramisu


Our Tiramisu candle carries creamy hints of espresso with lightly sweetened whipped toppings. 

Gigi, a Siberian Husky, was found in a neighborhood by a BARK (Boudreaux's Animal Rescue Krewe) volunteer. Gigi almost got hit by a care while being a happy, playful puppy in the street. Dena, the volunteer, went door to door asking people if they recognized her and finally finding her owners. 


Sadly, her owners didn't want her back- they said she was too much trouble and was constantly chewing things and running off.  Gigi was only a year old at this time. Her owners surrendered her to BARK where they immediately vetted and spayed her. 


Gigi was such a great girl during her short time at BARK.  She loved to run and play with any dog that was up for her energy level -- which is HIGH!!!! Gigi was adopted to a wonderful family with another dog who also is always up for adventures.  She is a German Shepherd mix named Miko and they love each other! Finally our sweet Gigi has found her forever home in Canada.  


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