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  • Does a portion of the proceeds go directly to the dog named after the candle?
    Halo Luminary Candle Co. honors the animals by naming the candles after dogs that have been or are currently in the rescue program. The donation portion will go to the non-profit rescue program and those funds will be in the hands of the rescue to be used to assist the dogs currently being treated in their program.
  • Are the candles for my pets or for humans?
    We use non-toxic fregrences so they are safe around pets and humans.
  • What can I do with my empty glass jar?
    Repurpose it! Recycle it! If you purchase regularly at art festives and markets, Halo Luminary Candle Co. will take $1.50 off each candle you purchase if you return the glass jar with the lid.
  • I'd love to name a candle after my dog, is there a custom option? If so, where would the contribution portion of my purchase go?"
    We love this idea! We are currently working on a method to make this option available. This can make for a great gift whether if its for a memory of pup in doggie heaven or still chasing sticks! Your contribution portion of your purchase would go to the rescue program or shelter that we are currently featuring during that time.
  • I volunteer or work for a local shelter, how can we get featured?"
    Reach out to us via email! We are a small, growing business so we envision creating different collections of candles that feature multiple rescues. Looking forwarding to working together!
  • What are the bubbles in my candle that look like air pockets? Is this OKAY?
    Yes, this is normal.
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